Florida Strong Fundraiser for Businesses Affected by Hurricane Ian
Florida Business Owners Supporting
Businesses Devastated by Hurricane Ian

You Can Make a HUGE Impact on Florida Businesses Devastated By Hurricane Ian…
While Growing Your Own Business At The Same Time!

Join Hundreds of Entrepreneurs Already Taking Advantage of This Rare Opportunity to GIVE BACK & Get Our Most Sought-After Programs at Our Lowest Price in History

Over $9,800.00 in business tools
ONLY $97

100% of Profits will be donated to South West Florida
Business Owners Devastated by Hurricane Ian

YES... I Want to Grow My Business & Give Back!
What Business Owners are Getting With The Florida Strong - Business Growth Bundle:
Our Lowest EVER Pricing…. 100% of Florida Strong Business Bundle Profits will go directly to Florida business owners devastated by Hurricane Ian.
Get Dozens of Bestselling Business Grow Programs All From Top Industry Experts Who Call Florida Home
Learn What You MUST do Recession-Proof Your Business
Discover the Tips, Tools, & Strategies 7+ Figure Business Owners Use to SCALE!
Avoid Burnout by Ditching the “Cold Customer Chase” Hamster Wheel
Finally, Have a Plan to Write the Book You've Been Putting Off WITHOUT getting overwhelmed
How to Easily "Be Seen" and  Start "Showing Up" Where Your Customers are with the Right Message 
Become a Video Marketing EXPERT, even if you're an Introvert!
Over $9,800.00 Worth of Powerful, Relevant, Up-To-Date Training, Tools & Resources

…all for only $97!

We've decided to price the Florida Strong Business Growth Bundle this low to remove all barriers and allow people to help an important cause while getting something back in return.

This is NOT a Too-Good-To-Be-True system, but this is a Too-Good-To-Last-Pricing. We are only pricing this insane bundle as a way to make it a No-Brainer decision and raise MUCH NEEDED funds for desperate Florida business owners FAST.

Take advantage before this opportunity to save over $9,800 disappears forever!

Learn More About Each Program & Check Out the Details You're Getting for ONLY $97 Below...
 total value $1,997.00 
We all know that multiple revenue streams is the key to cash flow and growing wealth!  What's better than having multiple income streams?  

Generating PASSIVE, RECURRING REVENUE on Autopilot!

One incredible way to do this, is to deliver tremendous value with a monthly membership or subscription site.

And it's a lot easier than you think!  In fact, you can create, automate, &  launch your membership site THIS WEEK!
Here's just a few of the items we will be implementing together:
Create you signature membership or subscription site.
Perfectly price, package, & position your membership or subscription 
Your membership fully mapped out, organized, and automated
Sales page created
By the end of the week you will have a fully functioning & automated membership or subscription site.
Contributed by Florida Business Owner

April Iannazzone is CEO of Growth & Profitability - the go to organization for business owners who want to gain an unfair advantage over competitors while scaling up for MAXIMUM GROWTH, PROFITS, & IMPACT. 

Through her full-service digital marketing agency & business consulting firm, April & her team of experts helps overachieving entrepreneurs who have a big vision for their business and life quickly close the gap from where they are today to their long term goals.

 total value $6,595.00 

Learn from over 40 marketing experts their best strategies, preferred platforms, and secret tips for improving your marketing, increasing your leads, and obtaining more valuable prospects using video.

This course is perfect for any business or service that wants to stop losing traffic and start to get proposals signed by their ideal clients.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

Rick Cesari’s 4 Email Series to Collect Customer Stories and Generate Billions in Sales
Instagram and Facebook Hacks to Generate 2,000 to 3,000 Viewers on Livestreams


Instagram and Facebook Hacks to Generate 2,000 to 3,000 Viewers on Livestreams


How to Niche Down THE RIGHT WAY and Build 2,000+ Communities Using Instagram Live


How to Increase Profits and Get Happier Customers Using 2 Videos


How to Close 32% More Contracts with One Simple Video Trick

Contributed by Florida Business Owner

Ian Garlic is one of the country’s “go-to” Experts in Video Marketing and Storytelling. For the past 15 years, Ian has been running his marketing agency authenticWEB and has helped coach other marketing agencies to six and seven-figure growth with videocasestory.com.

Ian has produced over 10,000 videos, personally interviewing hundreds of clients, not only for marketing agencies but other businesses. Nothing will make you the authority faster than video, and Ian is here to give you the inside secrets to make that happen

 total value $497.00 
A self-study program designed to help you develop your book idea, create a roadmap for the journey ahead, and complete a compelling opening chapter that hooks your reader. By the end of the 14-day course, you'll have your book started along with a clear plan of action to complete it in 90 days or less.
In Jumpstart Your Book-Writing Journey, You’ll Discover:

📚 Exercises for Developing Your Book Idea

📚 Brainstorming and Outlining Your Book with Ease

📚 Finding Your Target Daily Word Count

📚 Writing a Killer Book Description

📚 Defining Your Ideal Reader

📚 Scheduling Your Writing Time

📚 Writing a Compelling Opening Chapter that Hooks Your Reader

📚 Self-Editing Tips for Polishing Your Work-in-Progress

📚 Exploring Your Publishing Options 

📚 and much more!

By the end of the course, you will have completed your opening chapter with a clear plan of action for finishing your first draft!
NOTE: This course is broken into 14 daily lessons designed to help you develop your book idea and craft a strong opening chapter. However, you are welcome to work at your own pace since this is a self-study course.
Contributed by Florida Business Owner

As the founder of Transcendent Publishing, Shanda Trofe has been helping authors realize their dreams of authorship since 2012. Through her various online courses and coaching programs, she specializes in teaching book-writing, publishing, and marketing strategies for coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs.

To date, Shanda has assisted in the publication and launch of over 500 #1 bestselling books, and she enjoys working with her clients throughout the entire process, from idea to publication.

Mara Glazer’s
Very Best Proven Email Campaigns

Download 8 of Mara’s Very Best Proven Email Templates

Use these "Swipeable" Email Templates to Fill Your Calendar Up With LOTS of Sales Calls or Appointments For Your Coaching, Consulting or Service Based Business.

 total value $497.00 
Check out these templates you're going to get...

Email Campaign #1
Generated 100s of Sales Calls for A Coaching Company In Just 2 Weeks (Send these 3 emails to your email list to fill your calendar up with LOTS of free strategy sessions, with or without an application.)

Email Campaign #2
Generated 5 Figures in Revenue With an Email List Under 1,000! (Send these 2 emails to your email list to directly offer a specific program or package.)

Email Campaign #3
Generated $25k in New Business From an Email List Size of Just 67 People (Send these 2 emails to your previous clients to book more new work with those you have a relationship with already.

Email Campaign #4
Generated a $4,500 monthly retainer client in just 1 week with NO Email List (Use this 1 “door opening” email to find new clients, even if you don’t have an email list.)

PLUS, you'll receive a video training where Mara shows you how to customize each email campaign for your own business.

* EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS TRAINING "How to write direct response sales copy that is so darn sexy your prospects can't say, "No!" - Even If You Flunked High School English, Like I Did!"
Contributed by Florida Business Owner

Mara Glazer has been called “The World’s Best Female Direct Response Copywriter” by quite a few very successful marketing experts. But how did he earn that title?

Her father, Bill Glazer, known to many as a direct response copywriting legend, and founder of Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle with Dan Kennedy (GKIC), personally taught her how to write direct response sales copy for 3 years.

Now Mara and her team of direct response copywriters “secretly” write for many of the most successful and top-earning entrepreneurs, marketers, influencers, and products around right now. She’s the woman people come to when they want copy and presentations that convert.

 total value $197.00 
Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover in this 5-part video training series & workbook...

How to identify and connect with your ideal group coaching program clients without using webinars, overwhelming launches, risky facebook ads or in-person events


The most compelling topic for your group coaching program… so that it speaks directly to the desires and dreams of your most ideal client (making it SO easy for them to say yes.)


How to structure your group offering… so it fits into your lifestyle and helps your clients get real results (but more importantly… sets them up to move into your bigger programs without having to prove how awesome you are).


How to differentiate what you do from “everyone else” and increase the perceived value of your group coaching program

Contributed by Florida Business Owner

Client Success and Retention Consultant, Megan Huber transforms coaches, consultants, experts and their teams into world class group program facilitators who design and deliver unforgettable experiences so that their clients remain satisfied, get incredible results, and keep coming back for more.

Megan combines her years of service in public education, athletic coaching, group program leadership, entrepreneurship and her ability to create sustainability and scalability through the right structure and leverage as a way to empower business owners to remove themselves from the day-to-day of delivering their group programs while clients still implement and get great results.

Confidence & Inner Power
Never Been Released Secret Lessons to Own Your Power and Take Back Your Life & Business
 total value $97.00 

Are You Self-Sabotaging? Business is simple unless you're standing in your own way! 
Your parents meant well... but the lessons they taught you as a kid are holding you back from true happiness & success in business and life!  

Stop doing the 5 confidence & power killers TODAY!  

Use these simple, in the moment exercises to INCREASE your personal power any time life gets OVERwhelming
Quickly SHIFT your energy and your power to immediately TAKE BACK your life & business. You  didn't (and will never) learn these critical shifts in school!

Saying NO with Power & Clarity
We are In A NOW Society, Learn how to say NO & command authority while staying in integrity. Saying NO, is EASY when you are Clear on your Direction - Not So Clear when you are Spinning 100 Plates. Take Back Your Power with this Lesson

Be Your Own Source of Power!
You are the Source Of Your Power Did you forget?  Use these simple tools to OWN your power and STOP feeling like a victim! 

Contributed by Florida Business Owner
Heather Ann Havenwood

Heather Ann Havenwood, Award Winning Media Mogul, know as the 'Chief Sexy Boss', Author of the top selling book: SEXY BOSS™How Female Empowerment is Changing the Rulebook in Business.

She was recognized by The Stevie Awards as 'The Most Innovative Woman of the Year - in Social Media for 2020', named 'Top Media Mogul 2020' by the Woman of Achievement Association for her work with women.

From making her first dollar online back in 2001; Heather Ann is now on a life legacy Mission: To Help 1,000,000 people to Start, Launch and Grow a Six-Figure Consulting, Expert and Influencer business online

Why Are We Doing This?

Hi I'm April Iannazzone, The Growth & Profitability Strategist. I have spent the last 11 years helping business owners all over the world rapidly scale their businesses.

I recently moved my home and one of my companies to Fort Myers, FL.  After Hurricane Ian passed, and I went outside to inspect our house for damage (luckily we only lost landscaping).  However, we had no internet, power or water.  

So my husband Steve and I packed up the dogs and went to a cushy, luxury hotel a couple hours away until the utilities were restored.  

When we returned home to Fort Myers a few days later, I felt so blessed. 


I also had a deep feeling of guilt that we were "spared" AND that we also had the means to leave.  

You see, just 5 miles from our home...

People lost EVERYTHING - their homes, their businesses, and the precious memories the collected over the years.

Thousands of Florida business owners watched their life’s work disappear in one fell swoop!

I know the struggle of starting and growing a business... how much time, effort, and perseverance  it takes to build a business from the ground up! 

I couldn’t help but feel heartbroken for them.


It was pure luck that my home and business wasn’t one of them.

Sure Steve and I donated some money. We even rolled up our sleeves, and started helping people clean up and rebuild. 

The thing is... I knew I could do more.

In an effort to help my fellow Floridians, I decided to reach out to a few good friends who also happened to be  TOP Industry Experts and call Florida home. 

Together we created a fundraiser business bundle!

We're pretty much giving away some of our most sought-after business growth programs for one super low price!

If you're a  driven entrepreneur, these programs will help you SCALE & RECESSION-PROOF YOUR BUSINESS without making cold calls, doing endless launches, or chasing clients!

Florida Strong Business Growth Bundle
Florida Strong Business Growth Bundle
TOTAL VALUE: $9,880.00
ONLY $97
100% of Profits will go to South West Florida Business Owners Devastated by Hurricane Ian
If your business has been impacted by Hurricane Ian you can apply for the Florida Strong Fundraiser HERE
Florida Strong Business Growth Bundle
Here's a recap of all the incredible business growth tools: 

Recurring Revenue on AUTOPILOT
(membership & subscriptions)

Giants of Video
(40+ trainings)
Jumpstart Your Book Writing Journey
Group Coaching Mastery
Mara Glazer's Very Best Proven Email Campaigns
Confidence & Inner Power



$ 497.00

$ 197.00

$ 497.00

$  97.00

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Florida Strong Business Growth Bundle
TOTAL VALUE: $9,880.00
ONLY $97
100% of Profits will go to South West Florida
Business Owners Devastated by Hurricane Ian
YES... I Want to Grow My Business & Give Back!
If your business has been impacted by Hurricane Ian you can apply for the Florida Strong Fundraiser HERE
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